Skill Training & Career Development

Purpose of Training & Its Importance

Training is about CHANGE. It is about TRANSFORMATION. It is all about LEARNING. Training is a PROCESS designed to assist an individual to learn new skills, knowledge or attitudes.

Campus to Corporate Training

The primary aim of this professional course is to enable the students to be gainfully employed or become successful entrepreneurs.

Personal Learning

Personal Learning or Counseling is based on the belief that motivated people will achieve more in life and will feel a stronger sense of ownership over their career.

Enjoy Exams & Interview

We train you to enjoy the time spent on exam preparation and help achieve your goals. Our tips will also help you to stay calm & focused during the interview session.

Faculty Development

Every student would have studied under many teachers in their lifetime. But they remember only a few exceptionally good teachers.

English Coaching

English Language has assumed global importance. Good command over English not only improves job prospects it also ensures personality, confidence, career growth and also higher salaries.

Corporate Training

A company has to ensure that it has its business is aligned around its strategy. It has been estimated 65% of people are not aware of what their job entails.

Health Care

"A good physician treats the disease, while great physician treats the patient who has the disease." - William Osler.

Mind Power

Mind power is a very interesting subject. It covers a wide variety of subjects that includes study of Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Midbrain, past life regression, tarot card reading, crystal ball & dowsing. Understand the concept & its limitless possibilities.


NLP describes the fundamental dynamics between mind, language, body & behavior..


Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is a scientific study of the fingerprint patterns..

Kids Development Program

A child's education & care is a priority. So choosing the right program is a big decision.


Central Governments schemes to encourage skill development & entrepreneurship.


At times parents, especially parents with careers need a helping hand to deal with the everyday challenges of family life.