About Company

We live in a world when human resources are still the most important resource for the sustenance and development of any company. But the lack of skilled and trained employees has led to the demise of many companies in different industries. Realizing the increasing need for skilled and trained employees at various industries our founder Dr. MJ Solanki established the MA Group of Companies.

MA Group of Companies was established with the mission of providing highly skilled labor to private companies across a multitude of industries. Innovating new ways of staffing and proving training to develop the overall soft and hard skills of the employees have led to the development of an extraordinary success story for us.

We specialize in Skill Management and Training, Overall Career Development and Contract and Permanent Staffing and Consultation. Catering for companies in the private sector we have developed a network of clientele and formed a relationship based on trust and integrity. Following the vision of our Founder Dr. MJ Solanki we are expanding our horizon to touch new limits.


To inspire individuals and organizations to work more effectively and efficiently for the overall progress of the society and country.


Scoring people to better work and better life through skill development initiatives is our common purpose.

Road to Success

There are no secrets to success. It is a result of Preparation, Hardwork and Learning from Failure.

Our Certificates


MA Group of Companies is on a roll and ready to spring its wings across healthcare institutions, corporate sectors, airports & other industries in major Indian cities like Delhi, Kolkata & more.